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[19 Jul 2011 | 3 Comments | 10,482 views]
Women’s World Cup Hotties

It seems that hot women will come out in flocks not only to support the men in their life & the Men’s World Cup of soccer, but they’re also out in full-force supporting the Women’s World Cup as well in their soccer jerseys. Something about high-profile sports & International television seems to bring out the best women this planet has to offer. And as is the case w/ soccer more often than not, these hot female fans are exotic and beautiful in every way.
If you’ve seen any other World Cup …

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[19 May 2011 | 2 Comments | 48,786 views]
Girl Flashes Player at Canucks Game

This girl at the Canucks/Sharks playoff game recently flashed her boobs at Ben Eager, a Sharks player who entered the penalty box. In the spirit of our new “Hot Girls in Jerseys” series, we wanted to share this w/ you since she’s (at least temporarily) wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey (Henrik Sedin #33 to be specific).
Not a bad way to spend a few minutes of downtime if you ask me. Checking out the video, Eager doesn’t look too eager to see the female fan’s breasts… LOL.  Great way to save …

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[18 May 2011 | Comments Off | 9,424 views]
Chloe in Lakers Jersey (from Tumblr)

While I don’t personally know today’s hot girl in a jersey, Chloe, I saw a photo of her on Tumblr (via another user) & wanted to share her w/ all you guys in case you didn’t already know who she is. This is one of her recent posts (March it looks like) – she posts quite a bit. Very hot, very cool… check her out & follow her stream.
In this pic, she is wearing a #24 hardwood classic Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey (like this one). She’s a huge LA Lakers …

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[15 May 2011 | Comments Off | 36,599 views]
Bodypainted Soccer Jerseys – Gallery 1

In honor of the World Cup, several artists & models throughout the world took to artwork to help support their favorite teams. Above you can see a few hot girls painted in Japan & Sweden soccer jerseys.
Japan/Sweden soccer jersey bodypaint source unknown – Somewhere here…
Sweden bodypainted soccer jersey – http://body-paint-body-art.blogspot.com
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[14 May 2011 | Comments Off | 3,599 views]
Hot Girl in Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Jersey

The picture speaks for itself – a hot girl in a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey.
She is showcasing some Jordan kicks’ at the same time, but I thought you might dig the pic anyway. No idea who the source is, but here’s where I found it.
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