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[6 Jul 2017 | No Comment | 0 views]
NBA Free Agency Tracker – Summer 2017

See where all the big names (& lesser known players) have signed in this year’s NBA free agency & signing period for the 2017-18 season. Led by Steph Curry’s record-breaking contract with the Warriors, the rest of the free agents are starting to fall into place. Join the discussion (below) and let us know which players you’re looking forward to seeing on new teams, who got PAID & who got screwed.
NBA Free Agency News & Tracker
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AP Source: Rockets To Acquire Chris Paul From Clippers
As Celtics boss Danny Ainge …


[30 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on NBA Headlines for Week of November 24-30 | 41 views]
NBA Headlines for Week of November 24-30

The NBA season is about a month old, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been enough drama to go around. The biggest story to-date this year is probably player injuries, but there’s plenty more to catch-up on.
Pop-ping Mad Commissioner
Following yesterday’s controversy surrounding Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich sending Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili & a 4th player back to San Antonio, NBA commissioner David Stern has publicly denounced the move & suggested “significant sanctions” will be coming. Stern’s anger lies in the fact that the Spurs vs. Heat game …


[5 Apr 2012 | Comments Off on Early 2012 NBA Playoff Storylines | 199 views]
Early 2012 NBA Playoff Storylines

While the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs are still a few weeks away, the notable story lines are already shaping up well. The NBA season has been pretty good by all accounts, including that of NBA Commissioner David Stern who said that the league was doing great this year on a Salt Lake radio show. I don’t believe the regular season will hold a candle to the playoffs however. We’ve already seen a few playoff-type games recently that demonstrate the intensity and type of play I think we’ll see once the playoffs commence.
I am really …


[25 Aug 2011 | One Comment | 53 views]
Quit Whining About the NBA Being Gone

From the conclusion of the 2010-2011 NBA Finals, it seems as if everyone is 100% of the opinion that the basketball season will be lost – if not in it’s entirety, then perhaps 50% or more. Based upon what’s coming out of the league offices, rumors from player representatives, etc., losing the season doesn’t seem like a far-fetched reality. The only problem, is that a lot of NBA writers and bloggers are already acting as if “the NBA is already gone”.
News flash… it’s only August & pre-season NBA schedules don’t even start-up …


[23 Jun 2011 | Comments Off on Why You Will Remember the 2011 NBA Playoffs | 141 views]
Why You Will Remember the 2011 NBA Playoffs

There were a lot of different great adjectives that described the 2011 NBA playoffs and rightfully so – after all, the NBA is where amazing happens. There are many different reasons you will remember the NBA playoffs, other than the fact that it hosted some of the greatest talent that the NBA has ever seen.
There are tons of up and coming teams in the NBA – teams with great young talent. Many of these teams featured in this past years playoffs. Here is a look at some of the players …

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[4 Jun 2011 | Comments Off on Washington Wizards Release “DC” Uniforms & Logo for New Season | 10,727 views]
Washington Wizards Release “DC” Uniforms & Logo for New Season

The Washington Wizards have been undergoing a drastic image makeover the last few years and their latest announcement of new “DC” logos and team uniforms are the latest attempt at rebuilding their image & fan-base. After several competitive years, making the NBA Playoffs and not advancing, facing player issues & general lack of direction, the apparel changes are part of owner Ted Leonsis bid to improve the team’s image – both on & off the court (see Ted’s 101 Signs of Visible Change).
Need for Change
Ever since the January 2010 incident …


[23 May 2011 | Comments Off on Best NBA Jerseys by Team | 1,477 views]
Best NBA Jerseys by Team

Sports Illustrated has a great interactive “Best NBA Uniforms by Team” feature on their website right now. It’s basically a polling system to allow us as the fans to help identify the best jersey of all time – for each team respectively.
It’s great to run through NBA team and remember the classic jerseys – good & bad included. Their feature currently doesn’t have any type of “all-time” best jersey overall & I’m not sure that they are every going to, but voting on a per-franchise basis is still a bit …

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[27 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on 8 Tactics for Surviving a Career Ending Sports Scandal | 108 views]
8 Tactics for Surviving a Career Ending Sports Scandal

Pete Rose just spent his 70th birthday still blacklisted from baseball. As yet another milestone for one of baseball’s most storied, infamous player-coaches comes to pass, the debate about Rose’s past and future with Major League Baseball will once again fill the sports talk airways and interwebs. From gambling and steroids to sex and violence, throughout the last 20 years since Rose’s problems surfaced we have witnessed many athletes fall victim to their own self-made scandals, and yet just as many are able to walk away scot-free.
Had he played his …


[12 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Preview | 218 views]
2011 NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Preview

The 2010-2011 Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs are upon us and the seeds are set. Some last minute shuffling occurred last night, with the Celtics benching their starting roster & allowing the Miami Heat to wrap up the #2 seed, but otherwise the match-ups have been set for about a week. The first two pairings below are hopefully easy to predict, while the Orlando/Atlanta and Boston/New York series are a little tougher to forecast.
#1 Chicago Bulls vs. #8 Indiana Pacers
No one expected the Bulls to leapfrog both Boston and Miami, but …


[7 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on NBA Announces Tear-Proof Jerseys Designed for Miami Heat | 510 views]
NBA Announces Tear-Proof Jerseys Designed for Miami Heat

After an unusually unsettling week for the NBA’s darling team, the Miami Heat, the league has officially declared a state of emergency and requested a uniform modification from adidas for the Revolution 30 jerseys. Below is the messaging currently being tested amongst fans:

Among those reached for comments on the breaking news of “tear-free” jerseys, Jock Jerseys has reached to many in the NBA (n00b bawlers association) and other walks of life.
“We had to call in extra personnel after Sunday’s game due to the overwhelming moisture on the court and in …


[4 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on 2011 NBA All-Star Jerseys | 15,297 views]
2011 NBA All-Star Jerseys

2011 NBA All-Star Game Preview
The 2011 NBA All-Star Game is fast approaching Sunday, February 20th in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. Of course, with each new All-Star game, comes new jerseys from the league’s partner – this year its adidas.
Much like the new Revolution 30 jerseys from adidas that all the NBA teams are sporting this year, the All-Star jerseys are not far off in terms of features & design. The jerseys feature a pattern on the back and custom design for the venue in L.A. this year – …


[4 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on Worst 2010-11 NBA All-Star Reserve Selection | 281 views]
Worst 2010-11 NBA All-Star Reserve Selection

I’m once again blown away by the NBA coaches and their supposed 2010-11 All-Star reserve players (7 reserves per conference). Let me clarify… I’m blown away, but really not too surprised – this is commonplace in many sports.
There are at least half a dozen deserving players in the Western Conference that did not get selected by the NBA coaches during their voting (Starters were selected by fans). These terrific players were snubbed and I have little to no explanation why the players that took their spot(s) were selected.
Btw… if you’re …


[22 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Gilbert Arenas Escapes Washington – Joins Title Contending Magic in Orlando | 377 views]
Gilbert Arenas Escapes Washington – Joins Title Contending Magic in Orlando

Arenas’ Fresh Start
Much maligned point/shooting guard Gilbert Arenas finally got shipped out of Washington last week; fortunately for him, he ended up on a good team versus another loser. The Orlando Magic take a huge risk in acquiring Arenas, not only for the fact that the guy could be certifiably insane, but at stake is the long-term stability of keeping superstar Dwight Howard in south Florida (no, not South Beach).
Yes, Arenas gets a fresh start and an opportunity to prove himself as a star again in the NBA, but it’s …


[10 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on NY Knicks & Amare Stoudemire Winning (For Now) | 133 views]
NY Knicks & Amare Stoudemire Winning (For Now)

The New York Knicks have their longest winning streak in nearly a decade, and Amare Stoudemire has the type of streak the franchise hasn’t seen since 1962.
Knick fans…. Enjoy the winning streak and enjoy Amare Stoudemire, because if head coach Mike D’Antoni continues playing his starters over 40 minutes every game you’re in for a tough lesson in NBA basketball.
Developing your bench is a critical aspect of coaching that is required for long-term, sustained success through a grueling 82-game NBA season. Players get hurt, come down w/ illnesses all the …


[10 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on John Wall Wizards Jersey from NBA’s Opening Night Sells for $7k+ | 164 views]
John Wall Wizards Jersey from NBA’s Opening Night Sells for $7k+

Some loon decided they wanted to buy a John Wall jersey for over $7k from NBA Auctions recently. The auction featured all starting-five rosters from the NBA’s opening night. LeBron James Miami Heat jersey was the highest at auction at approx. $16k, but Wall’s is still somewhat of a surprise considering that he is a rookie and has played limited minutes for the Washington Wizards to-date.
“This is probably why someone chose to pay $7,520 for the privilege of owning a blue Washington Wizards road jersey worn by John Wallnotes, the …