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[9 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on 50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012 | 73 views]
50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012

At the Olympics we’re looking forward to watching the 100 metres sprint, the cycling and the live pigeon shooting. What? There’s no live pigeon shooting? What do you mean there’s no live pigeon shooting?! This was the highlight of the Games in 1900, how could you possibly not include it this year!
We imagine that is how a meeting at the scheduling committee of the 1904 games might have gone. Though to be honest the live pigeon shooting probably wasn’t actually exciting, I mean it did have to compete with things …

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[13 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on USA Basketball 2010 Uniforms Spotlight | 43,387 views]
USA Basketball 2010 Uniforms Spotlight

The 2010 Team USA basketball jerseys were showcased this week and will debut at the World Basketball Festival in August (in NYC). The jerseys are supremely designed by Nike and have some advanced techno features that will make them very comfortable for the NBA players expected to suit up in August.
Uniform Details/Features
The Team USA jerseys will once again feature the “aerographics” on the back, which is just a clever way of saying “a pattern”.  This feature does more than look cool, they actually keep the player cooler via small perforations/air …