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What to Expect on a Las Vegas NCAA Tournament Trip

24 March 2014 0 views

Weekend warriors and NCAA basketball fans look forward to tournament weekend, but those that really “get into it” can be found in Las Vegas enjoying the sights, sounds and experience that no other locale can provide during this heightened sports’ event. It’s the next best thing to being at one of the tournament sites in person, but because it offers so much more than basketball, Las Vegas has become the hottest destination for March Madness.

What to Expect in Las Vegas NCAA Tournament Weekend



Loads and loads of people… Vegas has booming tourism throughout the year, but the NCAA Tournament presents an opportunity for a lot of fans to visit (for basketball, right?). Las Vegas trips are a short drive for folks in California, Arizona, Utah and those too far away to drive can fly in pretty inexpensively. Expect your favorite casino to be a lot busier than normal – tables occupied, sports book nearly inaccessible unless you wait in line, etc. Top that with non-stop alcohol and crowds at every eatery. If you’re one of those people that doesn’t like the crowds, best stay away from the strip and/or away from Vegas (altogether).

Las Vegas Strip

The strip offers some of the best people watching you’ll find just about anywhere in the world. People come from all over to sight-see and experience everything Vegas has to offer and the strip is the best way to see it. It’s the most efficient and fun way to see a wide variety of hotels, casinos and shopping areas, while getting some fresh air and a decent walk in the process.

Las Vegas Strip - NCAA Tournament Weekend

NCAA Tournament Viewing Parties

Many casinos have dedicated areas for tournament viewing parties. These might be as small as the sports book area or as large as a full-size conference/exhibit area. Wherever you choose to watch the game, there will be no shortage of big-screen televisions, projectors and betting lines. Most facilities will have food and alcohol within the same area so that you really have to leave.

Perhaps the best part about watching the basketball games in a viewing area, is the camaraderie and excitement generated when watching close games with other fans. Whether the popular team is at risk of an upset, the spread is about to cover or the underdog is moving onto the next round, large groups of rowdy fans help make it that much more exciting.

Las Vegas - March Madness Viewing Party (John Locher/Las Vegas Review-Journal)


You can’t be in Las Vegas and not gamble… bring some extra money and enjoy the blackjack tables, roulette, craps or whatever your favorite casino game is. The NCAA games themselves also offer a great opportunity to win some money, but you’ll have to get creative. Most of the lines are setup in the casino’s favor so you’ll need a few upsets or teams covering the spread in order to win. Choosing some parlays may be an easier opportunity to win some easy money. The basketball games aren’t on 24/7 either so unless you’re planning to hit the Las Vegas Strip, visit a strip club or see a show, you’ll need something else to do and gambling is certainly a good way to waste time.

What You Shouldn’t Expect in Vegas During March Madness

  • Nagging.
  • Whining.
  • Bitc*ing.
  • Working.
  • Sleep.
  • Being sober.
  • Leaving with money.

Had to throw in the above just for fun… Vegas should be about getting away from the home, family and your job and just having fun. Period.

If you’ve had a good/bad experience visiting Las Vegas during the NCAA Tournament, please share your story in the comments section. Shares/Likes also appreciated!

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