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Carlos Beltran: Is He Undergoing a Career Renaissance at Age 35?

7 June 2012 101 views

Carlos Beltran signed with the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals this year, in part to replace power numbers on the team that Albert Pujols once provided. Tough shoes to fill, right? Absolutely, yet Beltran has managed to do it so far. While Pujols has struggled for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, his new team, Beltran has excelled in St. Louis so far, leading the league in homers as of press time and providing great numbers in batting average, RBIs and even the stolen base category.

Carlos Beltran - St. Louis Cardinals

Staying off the disabled list

Most importantly, the outfielder has stayed healthy, something he found a struggle to do as a  New York Met, where he only played 81 games in 2010 and 64 games in 2011. This is the second straight season Beltran has stayed healthy – he played 142 games in 2011 as a Met and then a San Francisco Giant.

Aside from staying healthy and performing well, Beltran is away from the New York atmosphere, where, sadly, some fans felt that his defining moment was taking a called third strike in 2006 in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series against the Cardinals, the team he is playing for now. Although Beltran’s 41 home run, 116 RBI season that year was a big reason the Mets made it to the playoffs in the first place, he was still seen as a bit of a disappointment as a Met, never quite living up to the hype or the expectations placed upon him by the 7-year, $119 million contract he signed.

Home in St. Louis

Now, after signing a two year, $26 million deal, Beltran is excelling in St. Louis. He may no longer be a top 100 fantasy baseball pick, but this year, he is a great fantasy baseball sleeper pick. That’s because expectations for him were very low, and he was perceived to be at the tail end of his career. Yet, at age 35, Beltran appears to be having a career renaissance.

Good fantasy pick

So what does that mean for your fantasy baseball team?  You should snatch up Beltran if you can, especially if you participate in daily or weekly fantasy leagues, like here at DraftStreet. He can provide great value in the outfield of your fantasy league, the way he is providing great value in right field for the Cardinals. He is one of the reasons the team is still riding high after their 2011 World Championship season, despite the loss of Albert Pujols, their franchise player. As long as he can continue to stay healthy, he can help your fantasy team.

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