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Kevin Garnett’s Intimidation Tactics – Effective or Not?

14 June 2010 1,244 views

Kevin Garnett.. One mean muthafu**a

After watching the Boston Celtics punk the LA Lakers in game 5 of the NBA Finals yesterday to take a 3-2 series lead headed back to Los Angeles, I am convinced that the duo of Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol are literally scared shitless of Kevin Garnett.

You really don’t have to watch too long to see the reasons for this:


Let’s face it, KG is one of the most vocal & physically emotional players on the court at all times. Between the fist pumping, chest punching, scowling, growling and downright (borderline) insane behavior on the court, Garnett uses intimidation to weaken his opponents.

Trash Talking

In a “not even close” poll of his NBA peers, Garnett ran away w/ being the NBA’s top trash talker. (Kobe Bryant was voted 2nd btw)

Yes, that’s right; the same gentleman who breathes intensity, spits straight venom from the sidelines, and occasionally gets down all fours in a wild attack dog-like defensive stance was voted the L’s worst trash talker. (Source: Ball Don’t Lie)

The television doesn’t capture what is often said on the basketball court during NBA games, but you can read KG’s lips often enough to know he’s throwing around F’bombs and the like all game long at his opponents. Unless you have a steal-trap between your ears, this is eventually going to weigh on you, especially when you’re already been the target of the media’s attention of why you lost in the 2008 NBA Finals – weakness.


Garnett leaves nothing on the floor and lets no one push him around. He is not afraid to use his elbows (ask Quentin Richardson) or his entire arm as a weapon (ask Dwight Howard).

Similar to the constant verbal jabs lobbed by Garnett, the onslaught of physicality in the game wears on you over time. You might drive to the basket or play physical in the 1st quarter, but by the time the 4th quarter rolls around, these guys (Gasol, Odom) are nowhere to be found.


In the end, is what KG does on the court good or bad? He’s led one team to an NBA Championship already (2008) and is one game away from adding a 2nd title to his resume.

Let us know how you feel about Kevin Garnett.

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