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USA Basketball 2010 Uniforms Spotlight

13 June 2010 43,387 views

The 2010 Team USA basketball jerseys were showcased this week and will debut at the World Basketball Festival in August (in NYC). The jerseys are supremely designed by Nike and have some advanced techno features that will make them very comfortable for the NBA players expected to suit up in August.

Uniform Details/Features

The Team USA jerseys will once again feature the “aerographics” on the back, which is just a clever way of saying “a pattern”.  This feature does more than look cool, they actually keep the player cooler via small perforations/air ducts in the pattern itself. The pattern itself, which you can see in more detail below, is a torch w/ a flame and surrounded by a  tribal art(?) design.

Nike even upgraded the basketball shorts to make them more comfortable and “airy”, lightening them overall and adding perforations (again) in the sides to help regular the player’s temperature, etc. Really fancy, technical mumbo jumbo for most of us, but they should turn out well for the USA team.

Thanks to Nike’s new Hyperelite design, the shorts are about half as light as a normal basketball short when dry. Get them wet like, you know, from sweating during a game and they’re even better, weighing less when soaked (10.1 oz.) than a normal pair does when dry (13.6).

Tons of media & previews for you all to enjoy – thx to Freshness Mag & Ball Don’t Lie (Trey Kirby) for the hot tips & photos.

Enough w/ the chit chat… here are the new uniforms.

I’d take the white jersey/shorts btw… what’s your pick?

2010 Team USA Basketball Jerseys (Preview/Video)

2010 Team USA Basketball Uniforms (Photo Gallery)

Photo Credits: Nike(?), FreshnessMag.com

Updated 8/15/10: Nike Team USA Basketball Gear is Available for Purchase

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  • Still waiting for others to become available… Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony, Etc.

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