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Washington Wizards Release “DC” Uniforms & Logo for New Season

4 June 2011 10,727 views

The Washington Wizards have been undergoing a drastic image makeover the last few years and their latest announcement of new “DC” logos and team uniforms are the latest attempt at rebuilding their image & fan-base. After several competitive years, making the NBA Playoffs and not advancing, facing player issues & general lack of direction, the apparel changes are part of owner Ted Leonsis bid to improve the team’s image – both on & off the court (see Ted’s 101 Signs of Visible Change).

Need for Change

Ever since the January 2010 incident between Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton where guns were involved in the team locker room, the Wizards have been cleaning house.

  • Antawn Jamison was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers (Feb 2010).
  • Caron Butler was traded to the Dallas Mavericks (Feb 2010).
  • John Wall was drafted #1 overall in the 2010 NBA Draft (Jun 2010).
  • Gilbert Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic in December 2010, in exchange for Rashard Lewis.

2011 Washington Wizards Uniform Photos

Photo shoot images from NBA.com (Wizards photo shoot)

Washington Wizards Uniform Specs

Washington Wizards uniform specs 2011

Washington Wizards uniform specs 2011

The Wizards uniforms include up to 5 different names/logos on various parts (jersey/shorts): Wizards logo; Wizards text; Washington text; a new “DC” logo; & Washington Monument inspired ball logo. The home jerseys are primarily white, as you would expect, and include both the new red & blue colors on the top. The white shorts feature a red stripe on the side & with star(s) and the DC logo. I’m definitely a fan of the white jersey, but unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the red road version. The road jerseys are mostly red and feature blue & white coloring near the top, while the shorts include a blue stripe down the side and the star (red this time) & “DC” logo. Home jerseys will feature “Wizards” on the front, while the road jerseys will feature “Washington”.

Washington Wizards Colors & Logo Specs

Washington Wizards logo specs 2011

Washington Wizards logo specs 2011

The new Washington Wizards logo designs are many… not just one like most teams. In addition to a revision of the original “Wizards” text logo, they also included a “Monument Ball” logo (featuring the Washington Monument) and variations of the Wizards graphic logo. Also added was a “DC” logo that features a hand reaching for a ball – titled “DC Hand Unity”. The logo is sweet, but the name is kinda lame IMHO.

Each of the new logos is used strategically on the Wizards’ jerseys – front, back & sides.

How Did They Do?

Let us know what you think of the new Wizards’ uniforms.

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