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Terrell Owens Joins Cincinnati Bengals- Will Wear #81

29 July 2010 161 views

The Cincinnati Bengals welcome a new wide receiver to join Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) and give Carson Palmer a viable second option in the passing attack – former Bills player Terrell Owens (#81). The Bengals are expected to announce the official signing of Owens today.

After searching and getting denied by as many as 4-5 other teams already this off-season, Terrell Owens finally landed with a team. He will reportedly be paid about $2 million in salary with some other incentives kicking in if he hits certain milestones throughout the 2010-11 NFL season. The milestones aren’t out of Owens’ reach, but he didn’t achieve the required stats last year w/ the Bills so he’ll definitely be calling for the ball a lot now.

The pairing of Terrell and Ochocinco is an odd one, but as workout partners for the last few years and both having their own VH1 reality shows, I’m sure they know each other well and can make the deal work out in the Bengals’ favor.

According to Warren Sapp of the NFL Network, Owens has already requested (paid) Antonio Bryant to give up his #81 jersey number. Owens previously wore the #81 jersey in San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia and last year w/ the Bills.

Here is an assortment of Terrell Owens jerseys:

Check back frequently to find the Owens’ Bengals jersey once it is available.

From a jersey sales perspective, expect Terrell Owens’ Cincinnati Bengals jerseys to sell pretty well. He has been on the top jersey sales list each of the last 2 years – ranked #11 in 2009 w/ Bills, and ranked #17 overall w/ the Cowboys in 2008.