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Florida Everblades Holiday Hockey Jerseys the Worst of All-Time?

12 December 2010 2,401 views

Damn near the ugliest hockey jersey you might ever see – the Florida Everblades wore special “holiday” themed jerseys recently.

The pasty-lime colored jerseys are highlighted by their alligator logo and a barrage of Christmas colors & ornaments in the lower half. Honestly, I think I could stand the jersey as a stand-alone, but checkout the pants in the left-hand side of the image below… Now that is embarrassing. They might as well wear tutu’s and perform the Nutcracker out on the ice.

Florida Everblades Holiday Jersey 2010

In defense of what we imagine will be the indefensible, the special sweaters might have come closer to working were it not for the gaudy “Happy Holidays” on the boMinorttom of the jersey. (Oh, and seriously: Just have it read “Merry Christmas.” Holly, lights, glass balls … unless there’s a dreidel on the fighting strap, let’s not pretend it’s a “holiday” jersey, mkay?) Source: Pass or Fail: Are Florida Everblades holiday jerseys worst of 2010? – Puck Daddy – NHL  – Yahoo! Sports.

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