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50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012

9 July 2012 73 views

At the Olympics we’re looking forward to watching the 100 metres sprint, the cycling and the live pigeon shooting. What? There’s no live pigeon shooting? What do you mean there’s no live pigeon shooting?! This was the highlight of the Games in 1900, how could you possibly not include it this year!

We imagine that is how a meeting at the scheduling committee of the 1904 games might have gone. Though to be honest the live pigeon shooting probably wasn’t actually exciting, I mean it did have to compete with things like croquet. You see prior to World War II the Olympics were a little more experimental than we’re used to now when it came to including new sporting disciplines.

This infographic details these crazy times and sets your mind wondering about some of the fantastic oddities that offered individuals the chance to win Olympic gold. Not so good at sports? Didn’t matter back in the day. There was something for everyone, especially if you were a sailor who could swim…

2012 London Olympics - 50 Events

This infographic was made by Find Me A Gift, Olympians of the gift world. To see the original just click here.

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