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2103 Tailgating Tips For Fans

30 July 2013 38 views

Tailgating season is in full swing.  Major League Baseball is going strong, NASCAR is revved up, and there are plenty of summer time music festivals to party in the parking lot.  Tailgating is a wonderful way to get the party going before you go into the stadium or concert venue, or in many cases – in place of going in.  It’s a time-honored tradition of outdoor hedonism, wherein people park their cars, open their trunks, and bask in their love of the game or rock and roll.  Here are a few things to consider before you head out on your next tailgating expedition.

Expand your Drink Menu

When most people think of tailgating, they think beer.  While there’s nothing wrong with opening up a few cold ones, there are other drinks you should consider.  Not everyone loves beer all the time, and if you bring a few other drinks along, you’ll be surprised by how well people receive it.  If you’re going on a co-ed outing, early in the day, try bringing along some vodka and orange juice for screwdrivers or champagne to make some mimosas.  Mix up a batch in advance, and then store it in a thermos in the cooler to save yourself time.  Another welcome breakfast drink is a Bloody Mary.

You should always avoid glass bottles while tailgating.  No matter how careful you are, this is just asking for trouble.  Also, bring along some soda or Redbull for anyone who isn’t interested in alcohol that day, or for the designated driver.  And don’t forget to pack extra ice.  The few dollars you spend on that extra bag will go a long way!

Expect the Unexpected

Two things that most people don’t consider when packing for a tailgate party are the weather and unexpected guests.  Whether it’s your favorite band or favorite team, you’re there in celebration of a mutual interest.  As such, it never hurts to pack a few extras for your fellow fans.  Pack a few extra hamburgers, a few extra drinks, and even an extra chair or two if you have them.  Why not?  You may run into old friends or make new ones along the way, and you don’t want to have to sacrifice your meal to accommodate them.

As for the weather, there are three things that can save any tailgate party from going sour due to the elements.  Ponchos, sunscreen, and a canopy can make a huge difference in how long you enjoy the party.  Radios and grills can be kept dry and running under a canopy, while you and your friends throw on your ponchos.  While other people sprint for cover, you can relax and keep things going.  Likewise, it pays to throw on sunscreen before the tailgating begins, and maybe a second layer during.  Long hours in the sun with drinking can dehydrate you quicker than you may realize, so you’ll be thankful you had the sense to put some on.

Try to plan ahead the next time you pile into the car to tailgate, and consider how you can improve on your last experience.  Grab a different game, try some different drinks, and get prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

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Ashely loves to tailgate baseball games and concerts. Summer is starting, bring on the concerts! To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985!

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