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Top 5 Golf Club Manufacturers

8 April 2010 7,683 views

As a sport that has been developing since the first century B.C., and is now played by both men and women worldwide, golf has become quite a popular pastime. One of the most important factors in being a good golfer is knowing which clubs to use. Based on product popularity, the top five golf club manufacturers are TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway, Titleist, and Nike.

TaylorMade Golf was started in 1979 by Gary Adams, who founded the company with the intention of creating iron clubs that performed better with two-piece golf balls. Within ten years, TaylorMade went from a single store run by four people to a full-blown company with sales at $150 million. Today, as the best selling brand on the market, the company has six performance labs in the U.S. dedicated to giving its customers the best golfing experience possible. One of these performance labs and golf resorts is located in North San Diego.

Cobra is another widely known and used golf club manufacturer. Cobra was started by Thomas L. Crow, an amateur golfer from Australia who decided to dedicate himself to designing golf clubs in 1973. He began by creating custom golf clubs, including the Baffler wood with a special soleplate used for helping the ball out of difficult areas on the course. Cobra clubs were also designed to create a minimal amount of drag during a swing, and are known and loved for having an especially light shaft. In 1993, oversized clubs were added to the market and called the King Cobra line.

Callaway golf clubs were first created in the early eighties by Ely Callaway, who started the company by personally delivering the clubs to his clients. In 1986 he hired a consultant, moved the business to Carlsbad, and started selling very innovative and high-end clubs including “Hickory Stick Woods and Irons” and Persimmon Woods. Callaway clubs are now seen all over the professional golf world, and the company played a huge role in the campaign to bring golf back to the 2016 Olympics.

Titleist got its start in 1910 as a rubber processing company, and began producing golf balls in 1932. The company produced golf balls primarily until the sixties when it merged with John Reuter, Jr., Inc., known for the Bulls Eye putter. Titleist continued to produce reliable, high-end golf clubs, and sales went up in the early nineties with endorsements by Tiger Woods. Around the same time, Tiger became involved with the company; its rubber processing portion was completely sold off. Tiger dropped his endorsement with Titleist in 2000, and while numbers dropped somewhat, the company is still going strong as a top golf club manufacturer.

The world famous sportswear company Nike (originally named Blue Ribbon Sports) was founded in 1964, with athletic shoes as its main product. It slowly grew to the thriving industry it is today and is a main provider of equipment for most sports. Nike golf clubs are widely used by professional golfers, including Tiger Woods who signed a twenty-year endorsement contract with the company in 1995.

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