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Kids Summer Camps – A Better Alternative Than Video Games

16 June 2010 469 views

This is a guest post for summer kids’ camps that help children establish friendships, learn to be part of a team and to generally “get out and play”. If you have kids like I do, you know that it’s difficult to convince them to go outside during the summer – ok, maybe only because we live in Arizona and it gets over 110 degrees during the day. Regardless, the easy road is letting your kids play video games – as long as they stay out of your hair (if you’re even home).

Most parents are busy working and/or can’t afford for their kids to participate in camps, but trust me… if you can afford it (even remotely), it’s for the betterment of your kids to go. They will enjoy it and you will enjoy it. Our son starts camp next week and he’s excited after almost 4 weeks of no school. Yes, video games have made up the majority of his daily routine since school ended, but the chance to play laser tag every day or visit amusement parks greatly out-ways the boredom of sitting at home (doing nothing).

Without further ado, here is more info on sports/activity related summer camps…

Let your kids sit around all summer playing video games… Or not

Most kids look forward to summer as a time to “you know, just chill.” Without even thinking “how lame is that,” many kids will choose to sit around playing video games all day every day, if left on their own. Think about something better for them, though. Think about sending your kids off to a sports camp.

Sports summer camps offer an active alternative to “just sittin’ around, not doin’ much.” If your children love sports to any degree, get them thinking about how much fun a summer camp might be. Sports summer camps not only teach sports skills but lots of other valuable things like teamwork, sportsmanship and the benefits of being healthy and active in the outdoors.

A common experience at many sports camps is that kids have the ability to focus on specific skills within the sport they love. For example, at Kids on Deck, a baseball camp put on by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, kids focus on specific baseball skills including batting, throwing and catching. As one camper, Laura, aged 14, said, “They taught a bunch of stuff that I never knew, like hand-to-eye coordination.” But also, like many sports camps, Kids on Deck includes many non-baseball sports activities like daily swims at the local pool and even a day trip to see a Detroit Tigers’ game. Doesn’t’ something like that sound perfect for that young baseball lover you know?

Summer camp gets kids moving, socializing and out of their comfort zone. It can expose them to sports they never thought of getting involved with and help them develop skills and confidence in sports and activities that are completely new to them. Wayne was a first year camper at Olympia Sports Camp in Kingston, Ontario, who got his first taste of a variety of water sports including boogie boarding and others. He told us, “I love windsurfing. I’m not good at it yet, but it’s fun. I think it’ll be exciting when I get better at it.”

So consider a sports summer camp for kids you know. At the end of this summer do you want to hear how your kids pwned Pure Futbol or soccer camp? Make them earn the right to wear that jersey!

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Jim Huinink is Director of Web Strategy for camps.ca, a website featuring camps from across Canada and the northern United States, with everything from soccer camps to paintball camps and everything in between.

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