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Euro 2012 Football Tournament Info

7 June 2012 96 views

To celebrate one of the world’s most significant football tournaments starting June 8th, the Euro 2012 Infographic presents you with an array of the most interesting data visualizations for the event.

Find out how many stadiums are hosting this year’s matches, what their capacities are and where they’re located. Discover some facts in numbers for the Euro 2012 as well as facts about historical stadium attendances and host cities. The fastest goals scored in the history of the event are highlighted next to top goal scorers from Euro 2004 and Euro 2008 together with details on which of these scorers compete again this time around. Since goals are the deciding factor the infographic goes on to break down a variety of goal statistics for all editions of the Championship between 1960 and 2008. Last but not least the graphic presents a helpful guide to football bettors by looking at how successful sportsbooks have been in setting their odds for matches in the last two tournaments and how significant the consensus on these odds was across +/- 60 different bookmakers.

Euro 2012 Football Tournament Info (Click to enlarge)

Euro 2012 Football Tournament Info (Click to enlarge)

The infographic was designed and provided by the Euro 2012 Tips guide.

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