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What the Athletes Are Doing? Top Athletes and Their Workouts

16 May 2011 1,247 views

Athletes must have a certain discipline to remain in optimal condition to get the most out of their bodies. Some workouts athletes incorporate into their lives can be beneficial and inspire some good habits that will produce results. However, before following any workout of a top athlete there are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep It Realistic

Workouts followed by pro athletes and bodybuilders may seem glamorous and easy to emulate in glossy magazines or infomercials, but remember that such magazine articles or TV ads are meant to sell workout equipment or a certain diet, etc. Even when an athlete shares their diet and workout habits, it’s still a good idea to remember that they are used to that particular workout routine. Here are a few things to keep in mind before starting an athlete’s workout:

Athletes do these workouts on a regular basis, don’t expect the same results immediately.

• Expect to be tired and sore when starting the same workout routine a top athlete uses. Again, they are used to the workout.

• Consider starting at a lower level. The types of exercises an athlete does to keep in shape can be emulated, but it is not necessary to start off with the same intensity. In other words, if an athlete’s workout calls for 10 reps, try starting with 5 reps instead to get used to it and then gradually increase reps.

• Determine what your goals are. You are not likely to be trying to win an Olympic gold medal or win the Super Bowl. If your goal is to get toned up or build muscle mass, then adjust the workout accordingly to fit your goals.

• Devote the time needed to attain results. Remember that pro athletes put in a lot of time to get the results they get. Don’t expect similar results from occasional weekend workouts.

Super-sets Are the Key to Success

In order to achieve maximum results, most of the workouts performed by top athletes are done in what are known as “super sets.” This means the exercises will be performed in a single set and the entire set will be repeated a certain number of times. For exercises using weights, the weight should be heavy enough to present a challenge, but not so heavy that at least 8-12 reps can’t be achieved.

Donovin Darious workout - Source: Al Tielemans/SI

Donovin Darious workout - Source: Al Tielemans/SI

Determine What Athlete Matches Your Body Type

Before starting an athlete-inspired workout, complete a report card to see how fit you really are. If you are the runner type, following the workout of a pro football player will not produce the results you want. Runners typically focus on cardio and leg work, while baseball or football players tend to focus on overall muscle building and toning.

Donovin Darius Workout

Donovin Darius of the Jacksonville Jaguars centers his workout on speed, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and strength. Some of his routines include:

• Leapfrog – Use a 20 pound medicine ball, stand and squat and jump up as high as you can. Bring your feet up as high as possibl and land in squat position.

• Block-sled drill – This exercise involves a partner. Stand in a blocking sled and crouch down in defensive stance. Run forward as fast as possible with arms and knees bent. Straighten arms and drive the sled 15 yards or 40 without a partner.

David Beckham Workout

Beckham tends to alternate between running and sprints to keep his edge in soccer.

• 1 min./5 min. runs (Beckham alternates runs of varying intensities with sets ranging from 5-6 to 12-15)

• 60-yard turnarounds (sprint for 60 yards, turn around and sprint back)

Derek Jeter Workout

Derek Jeter of keeps in shape for baseball by warming up with old-school calisthenics. Do 30 seconds each of:

• Jumping jacks

• Arm circles

• Push-ups

• Lunges

• Body-weight squats

Jeter’s workout includes:

• Barbell squats

• Dumbbell dead-lifts

• Barbell lunges

• Single-arm neutral grip dumbbell row/rotation

• Dumbbell incline-bench press

• Pull-ups

Georges St. Pierre

The Canadian mixed martial arts keeps in championship shape with some of the following exercises:

• Weight training (loaded barbell, Swiss ball, etc.)

• Tread mill

• Grappling exercises (especially effective for increasing heart rate, blood flow and loosening joints)

• Ab exercises (including warm-up with medicine ball)

Georges St. Pierre Getting Ripped

LeBron James Workout

Exercises to increase speed, agility and jumping ability are a must for the basketball star. Some of his routines include:

• Medicine ball (try to touch the medicine ball to a designated spot on the wall, jump with the ball in your hands, lift it over your head)

• Standing squats (on a vibrating platform)

• Push-ups/pull-ups

• Calisthenics

• Dumbbell snatch (5 reps per arm)

• Single-arm cable row

• Single-leg standing dumbbell calf raise

• Squats

• Rope jump

Not a One-time Thing

Athletes have to work year-round to remain in top performance condition. The same is true if you wish to emulate an athlete’s workout. If it’s a few weeks before summer and you want to be in shape for the beach, typical athlete-inspired workouts won’t give you the look you want that quickly. The goal is to not only build and development muscle, but also to maintain. Commitment is required to achieve sustained results, it is not just a one-time thing. Be prepared to keep up the routine on a regular basis.

Give Yourself Time to See Results

Realistically, it will take a few weeks for any athlete-inspired workout routine/program to get noticeable results in appearance and overall condition. The exercise routine varies depending on which athlete or celebrity you choose to emulate, but regardless of what the routine is, it will take time and effort to achieve similar results.

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