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Early 2012 NBA Playoff Storylines

While the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs are still a few weeks away, the notable story lines are already shaping up well. The NBA season has been pretty good by all accounts, including that of NBA Commissioner David Stern who said that the league was doing great this year on a Salt Lake radio show. I don’t believe the regular season will hold a candle to the playoffs however. We’ve already seen a few playoff-type games recently that demonstrate the intensity and type of play I think we’ll see once the playoffs commence.
I am really …


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New Era – A rich and long history
Using his aunt’s founding in order to jump start the business, Ehrhardt Koch founded New Era in 1920. He made casual and uniform caps in New York with 14 employees and decided to call them the New Era Cap Company. The popularity of baseball in the 1930’s sparked Koch’s interest in baseball caps. Quickly, his company were servicing a multitude of minor league, local, college and Canadian baseball teams.

Their success between 1940 and 1970 depended on exclusive deals with various major league baseball …

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Recent words of a potential point shaving scandal at Auburn University reveal an interesting component to athletes and academia.
Allegedly, Varez Ward, a transfer from Texas who lead the Tigers in assists until he was sentenced to forced leave on February 25, may have attempted to manipulate the point spread in it’s previous round with Alabama. Ward was left with only three points and committed six turnovers in a 68-50 loss to Alabama, a game the Crimson Tide were favored to win by only five points.
We haven’t heard from the accused …


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New NFL Kickoff Rule Not Well Received

After the 2010 NFL season, league officials decided that kick offs were too dangerous. Too many athletes were getting up to full speed and running headlong into each other. Football is the American sport that showcases some of the most elite athletes on the planet, and kickoffs are an opportunity for fans to see this prowess exercised to its full capacity.
The ball is kicked and the returner gets it deep near his own endzone, and he has to decide if he should run it out and risk not making it …


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Monday Night Football Shocker; Jaguars Upset Ravens

Tonight’s Monday Night Football game on ESPN was another showcase of just how strange the NFL can be at times.
Most sports betting sites had the Baltimore Ravens favored by at least 7 1/2 points (some 10 pts). The Ravens featured a high-profile offense – I think so at least – and a great defense that can (could?) hold it’s own against any team in the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars come in with a rookie quarterback in Blaine Gabbert at 0-5 on the season.
Picking Baltimore to win was a no-brainer.
Jacksonville Defense …

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Aaron Rodgers

One of the most in demand football jerseys this year is the Aaron Rodgers jersey.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone, being that he won that little game known as the Super Bowl last season, leading his Green Bay Packers over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Aaron Rodgers is one of the top quarterbacks in the game of football, and by the time his career is over, barring injury, he could go down as one of the greatest.
Aaron Rodgers Quarterback Stats
The statistics don’t lie.  Rodgers threw for just under 4000 yards in 2010 in …


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Quit Whining About the NBA Being Gone

From the conclusion of the 2010-2011 NBA Finals, it seems as if everyone is 100% of the opinion that the basketball season will be lost – if not in it’s entirety, then perhaps 50% or more. Based upon what’s coming out of the league offices, rumors from player representatives, etc., losing the season doesn’t seem like a far-fetched reality. The only problem, is that a lot of NBA writers and bloggers are already acting as if “the NBA is already gone”.
News flash… it’s only August & pre-season NBA schedules don’t even start-up …


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Why I’m Looking Forward to the NFL Season

Just like every other National Football League fan, I am eagerly awaiting the kickoff of the regular season and for the meaningful games to start. We can expect e a lot of story-lines and drama to unfold during the 2011-2012 NFL season – below are some of those I’m most looking forward to.
#1 Reason
What other reason could I need? Haha… Keep reading fool!
Lost Teams (On the Field)
This is actually a pretty simple thing to explain… Many of the teams have had very little time to prepare for the upcoming …