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Why You Will Remember the 2011 NBA Playoffs

There were a lot of different great adjectives that described the 2011 NBA playoffs and rightfully so – after all, the NBA is where amazing happens. There are many different reasons you will remember the NBA playoffs, other than the fact that it hosted some of the greatest talent that the NBA has ever seen.
There are tons of up and coming teams in the NBA – teams with great young talent. Many of these teams featured in this past years playoffs. Here is a look at some of the players …


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Best NBA Jerseys by Team

Sports Illustrated has a great interactive “Best NBA Uniforms by Team” feature on their website right now. It’s basically a polling system to allow us as the fans to help identify the best jersey of all time – for each team respectively.
It’s great to run through NBA team and remember the classic jerseys – good & bad included. Their feature currently doesn’t have any type of “all-time” best jersey overall & I’m not sure that they are every going to, but voting on a per-franchise basis is still a bit …

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USA Sports Map

Great fan artwork featuring a map of the United States, built entirely with logos from professional & collegiate sports teams. The artist did a great job of utilizing the right logos in the right location to fairly accurately outline the country.
A note from the author, which should add a bit of sting some of you out there whose team is missing:
This is a map of the USA made of sports logos. I couldn’t put every team, but I purposely didn’t put yours. Source:
A handful of professional & collegiate teams that I …

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Chloe in Lakers Jersey (from Tumblr)

While I don’t personally know today’s hot girl in a jersey, Chloe, I saw a photo of her on Tumblr (via another user) & wanted to share her w/ all you guys in case you didn’t already know who she is. This is one of her recent posts (March it looks like) – she posts quite a bit. Very hot, very cool… check her out & follow her stream.
In this pic, she is wearing a #24 hardwood classic Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey (like this one). She’s a huge LA Lakers …

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Bodypainted Soccer Jerseys – Gallery 1

In honor of the World Cup, several artists & models throughout the world took to artwork to help support their favorite teams. Above you can see a few hot girls painted in Japan & Sweden soccer jerseys.
Japan/Sweden soccer jersey bodypaint source unknown – Somewhere here…
Sweden bodypainted soccer jersey –

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Hot Girl in Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Jersey

The picture speaks for itself – a hot girl in a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey.
She is showcasing some Jordan kicks’ at the same time, but I thought you might dig the pic anyway. No idea who the source is, but here’s where I found it.

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8 Tactics for Surviving a Career Ending Sports Scandal

Pete Rose just spent his 70th birthday still blacklisted from baseball. As yet another milestone for one of baseball’s most storied, infamous player-coaches comes to pass, the debate about Rose’s past and future with Major League Baseball will once again fill the sports talk airways and interwebs. From gambling and steroids to sex and violence, throughout the last 20 years since Rose’s problems surfaced we have witnessed many athletes fall victim to their own self-made scandals, and yet just as many are able to walk away scot-free.
Had he played his …


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2011 NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Preview

The 2010-2011 Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs are upon us and the seeds are set. Some last minute shuffling occurred last night, with the Celtics benching their starting roster & allowing the Miami Heat to wrap up the #2 seed, but otherwise the match-ups have been set for about a week. The first two pairings below are hopefully easy to predict, while the Orlando/Atlanta and Boston/New York series are a little tougher to forecast.
#1 Chicago Bulls vs. #8 Indiana Pacers
No one expected the Bulls to leapfrog both Boston and Miami, but …